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The LETPasser.com team prepares an eBook every year based on the NCBTS Competencies standards and updates in the Philippine teaching industry. As of January 2021, here is the available eBook:

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LET Reviewer 2020 Online Practice Tests with Answers

LETPasser.com also offer an ever growing list of online LET Reviewers  on Professional Education, General Education and the Major Subjects. Come back every day to practice here for free.

Sample LET Questions with Answers and Explanations

LETPasser.com also offers direct tips on how to answer specific types of LET Questions. These articles contain instructions on how to answer types of questions that often come out in the exam.

LET Review Notes

If you are looking for small nuggets of LET facts and trivias, you should look into out LET Review notes. Every week, our staff adds important notes related to the coverage of the LET.

LET Review Articles

LET Review 2021 – Basic Mathematics – Order of Operations

So yesterday, I passed through this post in my Facebook feeds. This was shared to one LET Review group. For most of you, this must be a simple problem but I was surprised by how many people got this wrong. So for today’s LET Review post and video, we will be discussing the order of … Read more

LET Review Business Math

LET Review 2021 – Business Math: Calculating Revenue, Expense and Profit

We will be releasing a series of LET review posts to help you prepare for the March 2021 exam. If you are reviewing right now, just follow our Facebook page for future updates. Business math is one of the most common types of question in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). In today’s LET review … Read more


11 Rules on How to Answer Multiple Choice LET Questions

The Licensure Exam for Teachers is one of the most important multiple-choice exams that you will take in your life. Your chances of passing the exam will depend, not only in your mastery of the subjects; Professional Education, General Education and your area of specialization, but also in your test-taking skills. Multiple-choice exams are the … Read more

low level high level questions let reviewer

LET Review 2021: Lower-Level Vs Higher-Level Questions

Using Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, we can classify questions into two categories. These are lower-level and higher-level questions. What’s the Difference? To understand the difference between these two types of questions, let’s have a short review of Bloom’s Taxonomy. There are six general levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember (Knowledge) Understand (Comprehension) Apply (Application) Analyze … Read more

Question Mark - LET Reviewer - Professional Education Notes - Art of Questioning

LET Review 2021: How to Use the Art of Questioning in the Classroom

Questions allow the Filipino teacher to guide the thinking process of the child. It is both a teaching and a learning tool. It can be used to enhance the cognitive process of students. In fact, the art of questioning is one of the oldest tricks in the teaching book. Socrates used the method as his … Read more

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LET Review 2021: Paragraph and Poem Comprehension Questions Strategy (English)

The English comprehension exam usually comes out in both the English Major Exam and the General Exam. There are three variations of this type of exam based on the number of questions that comes after it and the type of text used. One-Paragraph with One Question The first variation of this exam comes with one … Read more


LET Question Analysis: Answering Word Analogy Questions (English Exam Review)

Analogy word questions are common in the LET. They come out both in the English Major Exam and the General Education Exam. To maximize your chance of answering this type of LET question correctly, you should have a good strategy for answering them. What does a Word Analogy LET Question look like? Word Analogy LET … Read more


LET Review 2023: Behavioral Learning Theories to Remember for the LET

How do we learn? To this day, psychologists, educators and sociologists have different answers to this question. The answer? It depends on who you ask. In this article, we discuss the different behavioral theories we use in creating learning experiences for our future students. We hope this article helps you in studying for the LET. … Read more

LET Review - Jean Piaget Cognitive development theory

LET Review 2023: Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Explained

Jean Piaget was a Swiss child development psychologist. His contributions to education are still studied even to this day by college students in the fields of education and psychology. At the peak of his career, Jean Piaget became the director of the International Bureau of Education for UNESCO. He is known for his Theory of … Read more

LET exam paragraph order english lesson

LET Review 2023: How to Answer Paragraph Organization Questions? (English)

Paragraph organization is another common type of question in the LET. It usually comes out of the English Specialization Exam or the General Education exam. In this type of test question, you will be presented with a number of sentences (usually 4 sentences) and you will need to arrange them in the proper sequence. Here … Read more


LET News and Updates

Teacher’s Exam to be Moved One Week Later

The PRC announced that the teacher’s licensure exam will be moved. The exam was originally scheduled on Sunday, September 25, 2022. It will be moved to the following Sunday, October 2022.  The PRC post did not specify the reason for moving the exam date but if you have concerns with this change, please contact the … Read more


September 2021 LET / LEPT to be Conducted in 4 Batches

The PRC announced on May 28 that the next Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers (LET, LEPT) will be conducted in four batches. The exams will be held on the following dates: LET exam schedule 2021 & 2022 List of LEPT / LET Exam Batches: Batch 1: September 26, 2021 Batch 2: January 30, 2022 Batch … Read more


LET for September 2021 gets Provisional Approval from IATF

The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) okays, through a provisional approval, the board exams to be conducted from July to September of 2021. This includes the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) which is scheduled for September 26, 2021 (Sunday). The examination venues and participants will be monitored to ensure … Read more


When is the Next LET? | Teachers Board Schedule

When will the next LET board exam be? Learn the timeline and the latest updates of the next LET schedule.

Dep ed Logo Department of Education

March 29 LET Suspended Until Further Notice

The PRC has officially announced that the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) on March 29, 2020 has been suspended. This is a result of the declaration of a state of Public Health Emergency by the Malacanang as recommended by the Department of Health. On March 11, the PRC posted an advisory on their website that … Read more