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Free LET Practice Exam – Prof Ed, Gen Ed

Welcome to the LETPasser.com – LET Practice Exam Page. We continue to create practice tests for the Licensure Exam for Teachers. All our active exams will be shown in this page.

Take the time to practice your test taking skills. To pass the LET, you will need to take 150 items for three tests (Professional Education, General Education and your specialization (Secondary)). This will be a grueling experience if you do not train your mind in taking tests.

LETPasser.com offers a tool that will allow you to train your mind for this mental challenge:

The Free Professional Education LET Practice Exam Plan


  1. Start as early as now. Don’t wait until the month of the exam before you start practicing.
  2. Come back during weekdays to practice. Take weekends off to get some rest.
  3. Choose a quiet place where you can practice and have a notebook by your side. Ideally, you should not be hungry nor too full when taking the test.
  4. Take the tests without taking any breaks to train your mind to focus for longer periods.
  5. When taking the test, take note of the questions you are having trouble with and research the answers in your notes or through online sources.
  6. Study the areas you are having trouble with in your free time.
  7. Take advantage of the free LET notes and review materials LETPasser.com when reviewing.

Start Small

Week 1: Start with 20 LET Test Items

Come back to LETPasser.com every day for 3-5 days in the first week to test your LET exam taking skills. This LET practice exam is made up of 20 random items from our Professional Education LET questions database. The answers to the questions are listed at the end of the exam.

Week 1: Practice Test
[qsm quiz=5]

Official Test Page: Professional Education – 20 Items Practice Test


Week 2: Level up to 50 LET Test Items

After taking the 20 items, take a few minutes to rest. If you are ready, start with the 50 item test below:

Week 2: Practice
[qsm quiz=6]

Official Test Page: Professional Education – 50 Items Practice Test

Week 3: Work your way up to 100 items

By now, you should already have a good idea of your limits. Some test takers begin to feel dizzy after taking 50 items. We highly suggest that you become aware of the point when you begin to feel tired. When you begin to lose your focus and feel sleepy, this is a sign of mental fatigue. You should replenish your body with fuel when this happens.

After two weeks of taking 20 and 50-item tests, it’s time to work your way to 100 items. In the third week, try reach a hundred items using the test in this page:

Take the 100-item LET Practice Exam Here: Professional Education – 100 Items Practice Test

If you get tired in the middle, you may stop to take a break. Make sure though, to take note of the number where you stop. Your goal by the end of the week is to reach 100 items in one session.

Reviewing for the LET:

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