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Professional Education 10 Random Questions

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An experienced teacher in your school is requested to assist and help the inexperienced teachers. This strategy is called __.

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A kind of communication where the players use language.

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There is a confusion in the process of issuing diplomas in your school. Which of the following will you suggest immediately?

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What is the reason why learning activities should be carefully planned?

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It was developed by Jerome Bruner which states that the individual learns from his own discovery of the environment.

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Which of the following curriculum models focuses on the content of curriculum?

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These are the ways of life of the members of a society which are organized and repetitive.

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The biggest drawback of an alternate-response type of test is:

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What is the he process of gathering and organizing empirical data for systematic analysis to aid in future decision-making?

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This educational program promotes equality among students belonging to different cultures and religions

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