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Professional Education 10 Random Questions

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The biggest drawback of an alternate-response type of test is:

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The teacher subscribes to the idealist philosophy. Which form of activity is he more likely to use?

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A teen received a candy after properly completing his task. The teen always tries to complete all tasks properly for him to have a candy once again. What is being demonstrated in the scenario?

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The emphasis towards material development while giving up human development means that the school needs to emphasize which pillar of education?

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Which of the following is manifested if there are available textbooks and materials for every learner?

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These are the ways of life of the members of a society which are organized and repetitive.

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Who stated that modeling is essential in pedagogy?

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Which statement about median is correct?

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You will be assigned to another school after the second grading period. You will:

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What is the reason why learning activities should be carefully planned?

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