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You have 7 and a half minutes to answer this quiz.

You have 7 and a half minutes to answer this quiz.

Prof. Ed.

Professional Education 10 Random Questions

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Which of the following curriculum models focuses on the content of curriculum?

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What are formalized norms, created by legislative body, upheld by people with government power and enforced by legal authorities designated by the government?

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Which statement about median is correct?

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The emphasis towards material development while giving up human development means that the school needs to emphasize which pillar of education?

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Both review and practice are necessary to reinforce retention of what has been learned. The latter is most useful in the___?

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What is the he process of gathering and organizing empirical data for systematic analysis to aid in future decision-making?

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One of the cognitive components which are mental representations used to organization stimulus; they are the basic units out of which knowledge is constructed and a world emerges.

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What is the reason why learning activities should be carefully planned?

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A kind of communication where the players use language.

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There is a confusion in the process of issuing diplomas in your school. Which of the following will you suggest immediately?

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