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Prof. Ed.

Professional Education 10 Random Questions

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It was developed by Jerome Bruner which states that the individual learns from his own discovery of the environment.

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What kind of question should you ask if you want the students to create generalizations?

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There is a confusion in the process of issuing diplomas in your school. Which of the following will you suggest immediately?

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Which is an application of the 4th pillar of “learning to live together”?

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These are the ways of life of the members of a society which are organized and repetitive.

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In order to keep the teacher from talking “too much” without diminishing her role as a guide during the class discussion, which of the following would be appropriate?

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Philippines’ Elementary Curriculum highlights on the development of the skills in writing, counting and reading. This manifests the great consideration given to the philosophy.

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A stage of Ed Tech development where in the tool is conceptualized and the designers use educational data as well as established educational philosophies and theories to develop a new or improved technology?

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The teacher subscribes to the idealist philosophy. Which form of activity is he more likely to use?

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An experienced teacher in your school is requested to assist and help the inexperienced teachers. This strategy is called __.

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