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English Major Practice Exam - 10 Items

Welcome to your practice test for the English Major exam of the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers. On this page, you can take a practice test of 10 items each time you try. You have an unlimited number of tries and you will get random questions every day if you use incognito mode.

  • Number of Questions: 10
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English Major Practice Exam

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1) Which of the following is one of the oldest and most translated poems in old English. Its verses can be found in the Nowell Codex, one of the oldest manuscripts in the collection of the British Library.

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2) The IELTS is a standardized test of English language mastery for non-native English language speakers. What type of test is it?

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3) In a play's plot, what do you call the period wherein the dramatic tension caused by the conflict is at its highest? It is the turning point where the rising action ends.

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4) A high school is getting thousands of applications from new Grade 7 students. They are only accepting the top 100 students. What type of test would help them find qualified students?

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5) This refers to the periods wherein the director and the actors practice to polish their performance during the play.

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6) Among the characters in a play, this type is the primary figure in the story. Often, the story is told from their point of view.

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7) Which among the following is a Pulitzer-Winning novel set in the Great Depression that tells about a family forced out of their home because of extreme economic hardships?

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8) At the end of the school year, Mrs. Falcon made her Grade 7 class write a complete paragraph to test if they have developed the skills she taught them. What type of test is she using?

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9) Which of the following forms of poetry gives the highest importance to life in the countryside through its themes and stories?

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10) These refer to opinions and comments from observers regarding the quality of the elements of a play. Collectively, they create the overall reception to a theatrical performance.

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