English Major Practice Exam - 10 Items

Welcome to your practice test for the English Major exam of the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers. On this page, you can take a practice test of 10 items each time you try. You have an unlimited number of tries and you will get random questions every day if you use incognito mode.

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English Major Practice Exam

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1) Among the characters in a play, this type is the primary figure in the story. Often, the story is told from their point of view.

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2) Which of the following forms of poetry gives the highest importance to life in the countryside through its themes and stories?

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3) In his English test, Bobby was asked to read the paragraph with blanks in them. His task is to write the appropriate nouns on the blank spaces to complete the sentences in the paragraph. What type of test did Bobby take?

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4) It refers to the time and place in which the story of the play exists.

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5) In a play, what element refers to the series of events that the characters go through?

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6) It is one of the best-known Arthurian romances, which tells the story of a knight who accepts the challenge of a mysterious character.

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7) Mikaela showed in her diagnostic tests that she has a poor grasp of basic grammar. She is about to enter grade 7. As the grade 7 English grammar teacher, what is the best course of action to take?

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8) A high school is getting thousands of applications from new Grade 7 students. They are only accepting the top 100 students. What type of test would help them find qualified students?

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9) Jilian had to take an English exam when applying for a US job. The exam gave her a certificate that would let employers know if her English abilities meet the standards required for a working visa. What sort of exam did she take?

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10) The IELTS is a standardized test of English language mastery for non-native English language speakers. What type of test is it?

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