English Major Practice Exam - 10 Items

Welcome to your practice test for the English Major exam of the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers. On this page, you can take a practice test of 10 items each time you try. You have an unlimited number of tries and you will get random questions every day if you use incognito mode.

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English Major Practice Exam

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1) It is one of the best-known Arthurian romances, which tells the story of a knight who accepts the challenge of a mysterious character.

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2) The IELTS is a standardized test of English language mastery for non-native English language speakers. What type of test is it?

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3) Alma got a 78% on a 100-item multiple-choice language test 2 weeks ago. Without any intervention, she took the same test again today and got a 58%. What could be the reason for the discrepancy in the results?

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4) This form of poetry emphasizes the practice of not following any verse length or rhyming pattern.

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5) Which of the following forms of poetry gives the highest importance to life in the countryside through its themes and stories?

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6) It is the plan that indicates the positioning and movements of actors on the stage.

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7) A high school is getting thousands of applications from new Grade 7 students. They are only accepting the top 100 students. What type of test would help them find qualified students?

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8) In a play, what element refers to the series of events that the characters go through?

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9) This type of character opposes the protagonist in their goals and actions. Their opposition to the character leads to the crisis of the story.

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10) Among the characters in a play, this type is the primary figure in the story. Often, the story is told from their point of view.

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