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English Major Practice Exam

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1) This rhyme scheme in poetry refers to the two rhyming iambic pentameters. It was first widely used in The Canterbury Tales and was later revived in popularity by Alexander Pope.

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2) Mrs. Isabella wants to know the thinking process of her Grade 8 class after reading Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. What is the best type of activity for this purpose?

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3) It refers to the time and place in which the story of the play exists.

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4) The IELTS is a standardized test of English language mastery for non-native English language speakers. What type of test is it?

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5) Mr. Soliman needs to know the reading and writing skill levels of 200 incoming Grade 7 students. What type of test will best suit his needs?

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6) In his English test, Bobby was asked to read the paragraph with blanks in them. His task is to write the appropriate nouns on the blank spaces to complete the sentences in the paragraph. What type of test did Bobby take?

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7) Mrs. Maravilla wants to prepare her graduating students for the college entrance English exams. She has decided to hold practice exams during the homeroom period. What type of test will help her achieve her goal?

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8) Among the characters in a play, this type is the primary figure in the story. Often, the story is told from their point of view.

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9) These refer to opinions and comments from observers regarding the quality of the elements of a play. Collectively, they create the overall reception to a theatrical performance.

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10) In theater, what do you call the signal used by actors and actresses to indicate what actions and events should happen next?

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