LET Question Analysis: Answering Word Analogy Questions (English Exam Review)

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Analogy word questions are common in the LET. They come out both in the English Major Exam and the General Education Exam. To maximize your chance of answering this type of LET question correctly, you should have a good strategy for answering them.

What does a Word Analogy LET Question look like?

Word Analogy LET question is composed of two pairs of words. The first pair will be complete while the second pair of word has one word missing. It is your task to fill in the missing word with one of the words from the choices. Here are some examples of how this questions would look:

Grass is to plant as cat is to…

Car: wheel :: Man: ___

Teacher is to student as Manager is to ___

How do you answer it?

To answer this type of LET question, you need to consider the first pair of words. More importantly, you need to find out how they are related. They could have the following relationships:

In our examples, the first pairs of words are:

Grass is to plant (grass is a type of plant)

Car: wheel (Car stands on wheels)

Teacher is to student (Teacher teaches/manages students)

To be able to find the missing word, you will need to establish the relationship in the first pair of words.

The next step is to apply the same relationship to the second pair of words to identify the word that is missing. Let’s consider this sample question:

Question: Grass is to plant as cat is to…

a. Plant
b. Animal
c. Furry
d. Domesticated


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Answering Strategy

There are multiple strategies that you can use to answer these types of multiple-choice questions:
1. Find the answer directly – This strategy works best when the question is easy like the one above. However, it can become more difficult to directly pick the answer if you are not familiar with the words used.

2. Trial and Error – You should only use the trial and error method if you are really desperate because it is time consuming. In this method, you insert each of the options in the place of the missing word to try to establish a relationship that fits

3. Elimination – At times, the relationships between words are not as obvious. In this case, you may need to use the trial and error method together with the elimination method. In this case, you eliminate the options that are obviously not the answer. By doing this, you are reducing the number of options you have, thereby increasing the chance of getting the correct answer

4. The last option is to guess. This should only be used when you have already applied the other methods but you still cannot get the correct answer.

Other Forms of English Analogy LET Questions:

In the English part of the LET exam, analogy questions are usually applied vocabulary words. Examples are:

1. Guilty is to Innocent as Fail is to

a. Trials
b. Examination
c. Verdict
d. Triumph

Note: The words in this test questions are antonyms

2. Sorcerer is to Wand as Judge is to

a. Robe
b. Bailiff
c. Gavel
d. Accused

Note: The words are related in terms of the type of person and the tools that they use

3. Precedent is to Model as Premature is to

a. Early
b. Baby
c. Overarching
b. Ad Hominem

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