LET Review 2021: Paragraph and Poem Comprehension Questions Strategy (English)

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The English comprehension exam usually comes out in both the English Major Exam and the General Exam. There are three variations of this type of exam based on the number of questions that comes after it and the type of text used. One-Paragraph with One Question The first variation of this exam comes with one … Read more

LET Question Analysis: Answering Word Analogy Questions (English Exam Review)

Analogy word questions are common in the LET. They come out both in the English Major Exam and the General Education Exam. To maximize your chance of answering this type of LET question correctly, you should have a good strategy for answering them. What does a Word Analogy LET Question look like? Word Analogy LET … Read more

LET Review 2023: How to Answer Paragraph Organization Questions? (English)

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Paragraph organization is another common type of question in the LET. It usually comes out of the English Specialization Exam or the General Education exam. In this type of test question, you will be presented with a number of sentences (usually 4 sentences) and you will need to arrange them in the proper sequence. Here … Read more