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Professional Education - Foundations of Education

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The goal of this philosophical approach is to develop an individual’s skills and natural abilities as well as their moral and ethical values.

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This philosophical approach proposes that the ultimate reality is the world of physical objects. It proposes that education should be focused on logic and how it may be used to reason about the physical world.

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The curriculum that uses this philosophical approach focuses on the observable world and emphasizes subjects such as science and mathematics.

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This philosophical view believes that students examining life through authentic thinking results in genuine learning experiences.

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Teacher Karla uses hands-on problem solving and experimentation in teaching her biology class. She emphasizes on how certain learnings can be applied in the real world. What philosophical approach is she likely using?

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It is the process of transmitting culture to a person

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This philosophical approach proposes that ideas are the true reality and that education should focus on the development of conscious reasoning skills.

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This philosophy of education believes that reality is constantly changing and that we learn best through applying our experiences and thoughts to problems.

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This philosophy of education believes that individuals must adapt to each other and the environment to solve problems.

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Curricula that use this philosophical view focus on the cultivation of the human intellect by introducing enduring principles, knowledge and values.

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