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Professional Education - Foundations of Education

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Teacher Karla uses hands-on problem solving and experimentation in teaching her biology class. She emphasizes on how certain learnings can be applied in the real world. What philosophical approach is she likely using?

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The goal of this philosophical approach is to exercise rational thought as it relates to the physical world.

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Curricula that use this philosophical view emphasize on the development of individual responsibility for making decisions. It encourages students to create their own answers and solutions based on their personal choice and not on a central authority.

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This philosophy of education believes that individuals can find meaning through the freedom of choice outside of predetermined philosophical systems that are defined by others.

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Who were the primary source of enculturation in a hunter-gatherer society?

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This philosophical view believes that students examining life through authentic thinking results in genuine learning experiences.

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This philosophical approach proposes that ideas are the true reality and that education should focus on the development of conscious reasoning skills.

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Teacher Jordan told his political science students that it is important that they develop their own political views based on personal choice. What philosophical view is he likely using?

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The historical records of this ancient civilization were recorded in the walls of their city using hieroglyph writing.

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This philosophical approach focuses on seeking teachings and values that do not change and constant but are eternally effective.

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