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What's Included:

+ LETPasser.com Online Review Membership

+ Complete Professional Education LET Reviewer Notes (PDF):

  • Foundations of Education Review Notes
  • Child and Adolescent Development Review Notes
  • Principles of Learning Review Notes
  • Principles and Strategies of Teaching Review Notes
  • Curriculum Developmpent Review Notes
  • Developmental reading Review Notes
  • Educational Technology Review Notes
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Review Notes
  • Social Dimensions of Education Review Notes
Child and Adolescent Development PDF LET Reviewer

Bonus: ***Free*** 1001 LET Review Questions - Gen. Ed + Prof. Ed.:

+Bonus: **Free** 1,001 Questions LET Reviewer PDF (Gen. Ed + Prof. Ed.)

  • 10 Sets of Practice Exams
  • 500+ Professional Education Questions with Answers
  • 500+ General Education Questions with Answers