LET Review 2021: Lower-Level Vs Higher-Level Questions

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Using Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, we can classify questions into two categories. These are lower-level and higher-level questions. What’s the Difference? To understand the difference between these two types of questions, let’s have a short review of Bloom’s Taxonomy. There are six general levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember (Knowledge) Understand (Comprehension) Apply (Application) Analyze … Read more

LET Review 2021: How to Use the Art of Questioning in the Classroom

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Questions allow the Filipino teacher to guide the thinking process of the child. It is both a teaching and a learning tool. It can be used to enhance the cognitive process of students. In fact, the art of questioning is one of the oldest tricks in the teaching book. Socrates used the method as his … Read more

March 2019 LET / LEPT Coverage

March 2019 LET LEPT Coverage

The Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers (LEPT or LET) requires examinees to score an general weighted average of 75%. In addition, each test taker must also have no score lower than 50% in any of their exams. The percentage weight of each exam remain the same as in previous years: Percentage Weight of Subjects: Elementary: … Read more

Program of the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers – March 2019 LET/LEPT

Date of Examination: Sunday, March 24, 2019 Start of filing/application date: October 11, 2018 Filing/application Deadline: January 23, 2019 Related: LET Filing Process The PRC has released the program for the March 2019 LET. Bookmark or print this page to guide in studying for the exam. Make sure that you study all the subjects covered by your … Read more

LET Review 2021: Paragraph and Poem Comprehension Questions Strategy (English)

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The English comprehension exam usually comes out in both the English Major Exam and the General Exam. There are three variations of this type of exam based on the number of questions that comes after it and the type of text used. One-Paragraph with One Question The first variation of this exam comes with one … Read more

LET Question Analysis: Answering Word Analogy Questions (English Exam Review)

Analogy word questions are common in the LET. They come out both in the English Major Exam and the General Education Exam. To maximize your chance of answering this type of LET question correctly, you should have a good strategy for answering them. What does a Word Analogy LET Question look like? Word Analogy LET … Read more

March 2018 LET Filing Period Ends Today


The Philippine Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ends the filing and application process for the March 2018 Licensure Exam for Teachers today. January 19 will be the last day of filing for the March 25 exam. All of those who hope to pass the exam this March should complete their application before the work day ends. … Read more

LET Review 2021: Behavioral Learning Theories to Remember for the LET

How do we learn? To this day, psychologists, educators and sociologists have different answers to this question. The answer? It depends on who you ask. In this article, we discuss the different behavioral theories we use in creating learning experiences for our future students. We hope this article helps you in studying for the LET. … Read more