LET for September 2021 gets Provisional Approval from IATF


The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) okays, through a provisional approval, the board exams to be conducted from July to September of 2021. This includes the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) which is scheduled for September 26, 2021 (Sunday). The examination venues and participants will be monitored to ensure … Read more

LET Review 2021 – Business Math: Calculating Revenue, Expense and Profit

LET Review Business Math

We will be releasing a series of LET review posts to help you prepare for the March 2021 exam. If you are reviewing right now, just follow our Facebook page for future updates. Business math is one of the most common types of question in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). In today’s LET review … Read more

March 2021 LET Exam Schedule for Cancelled 2020 March and September Test Takers – Location, Date

The Professional Regulation Commission has announced the 2021 schedule of board exam and this includes the 2021 LET Exam Schedule. The first LET board exam for 2021 will be held in the places listed below on March 28, 2021. Note: The PRC will not be accepting new applicants for this exam. This schedule is ONLY … Read more

11 Rules on How to Answer Multiple Choice LET Questions

The Licensure Exam for Teachers is one of the most important multiple-choice exams that you will take in your life. Your chances of passing the exam will depend, not only in your mastery of the subjects; Professional Education, General Education and your area of specialization, but also in your test-taking skills. Multiple-choice exams are the … Read more

LET Review 2021: Lower-Level Vs Higher-Level Questions

low level high level questions let reviewer

Using Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, we can classify questions into two categories. These are lower-level and higher-level questions. What’s the Difference? To understand the difference between these two types of questions, let’s have a short review of Bloom’s Taxonomy. There are six general levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember (Knowledge) Understand (Comprehension) Apply (Application) Analyze … Read more