LET Review 2021: Lower-Level Vs Higher-Level Questions

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Using Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, we can classify questions into two categories. These are lower-level and higher-level questions. What’s the Difference? To understand the difference between these two types of questions, let’s have a short review of Bloom’s Taxonomy. There are six general levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember (Knowledge) Understand (Comprehension) Apply (Application) Analyze … Read more

LET Review 2021: How to Use the Art of Questioning in the Classroom

Question Mark - LET Reviewer - Professional Education Notes - Art of Questioning

Questions allow the Filipino teacher to guide the thinking process of the child. It is both a teaching and a learning tool. It can be used to enhance the cognitive process of students. In fact, the art of questioning is one of the oldest tricks in the teaching book. Socrates used the method as his … Read more

LET Review 2023: Behavioral Learning Theories to Remember for the LET

How do we learn? To this day, psychologists, educators and sociologists have different answers to this question. The answer? It depends on who you ask. In this article, we discuss the different behavioral theories we use in creating learning experiences for our future students. We hope this article helps you in studying for the LET. … Read more

LET Review 2023: Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Explained

LET Review - Jean Piaget Cognitive development theory

Jean Piaget was a Swiss child development psychologist. His contributions to education are still studied even to this day by college students in the fields of education and psychology. At the peak of his career, Jean Piaget became the director of the International Bureau of Education for UNESCO. He is known for his Theory of … Read more

LET Review 2023: Learning and Learning Styles

let reviewer notes - learning and learning styles

In a professional education class about learning theories, the college professor or instructor usually starts by defining learning and learning styles. Learning definition and concepts surrounding learning usually come out in the LET. What is Learning? Learning can be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge or skills. A child will continue to learn regardless … Read more