Criminology Review - Practice Tests

The Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE) is your first step in becoming a licensed criminologist in the Philippines. We have prepared practice tests to help you prepare for the board exam. 


To pass the CLE, you must have a board rating of 75% with no rating below 50% in all exams. 


You must know the basics in every subject to increase your chances in passing the exam. Most questions in the criminology board exam are about the basics. When studying, make sure you study all the subjects covered by the test: 


  • Criminal Jurisprudence and Procedure 20%
  • Law Enforcement Administration 20%
  • Correctional Administration 15%
  • Criminalistics 20%
  • Criminal Sociology 15%
  • Ethics and Human Relations 10%


We have prepare practice tests in all the subjects. Use the practice tests below to train your mind in answering questions. Click on the buttons below to go to the test: