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On this page, you can practice for the Law Enforcement Administration exam for your Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE). Start the quiz below when you are ready.

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Law Enforcement Administration

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1. Which of the following governs the organization and operation of private detective and private security agencies and company security forces throughout the country?

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2. Which among the groups below are exempted from pre-licensing training?

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3. Before a private security agency renders security services to its clients, there must be a contract that must bind them. What is this contract called?

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4. What do you call a fact-finding probe to determine the plant adequacy and deficiency of all aspects of security? It concludes with corresponding recommendations.

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5. A cliff is what type of barrier?

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6. What type of pilferer steals due to his inability to resist the unexpected opportunity?

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7. What do you call an authenticated list of personnel given to security allowing entry to a compound, installation, or part thereof?

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8. What do you call the act or condition affecting the safe operation of the facility caused by human action, either accidental or intentional? It includes sabotage, espionage, pilferage and theft, disloyalty, disaffection, and subversive activities.

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9. What do you call a heavily constructed, fire and burglar-resistant container that is usually a part of the building structure used to keep and protect cash, documents, and negotiable instruments?

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10. What is the tenure of security personnel based on?

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