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The Philippine National Police is the backbone of the peace and order of the communities in our country. Their service allows hardworking Filipinos to live peaceful and productive lives free from the worry of becoming victims of criminals. Because of their integral role in Philippine society, the salary and benefits of our uniformed PNP personnel continue to improve.

In 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte signed Joint Resolution No. 1 of the Philippine Congress, establishing the base pay of uniformed personnel in the Armed Forces and the PNP.

This resolution increases the base pay of police officers in the Philippines according to their rank starting in 2019. Check the rank you are interested in below and their corresponding pay:

2023 Monthly Base Pay of Uniformed Personnel in the PNP

  • Patrolman/Patrolwoman: PHP 29,668
  • Police Corporal: PHP 30,867
  • Police Staff Sergeant: PHP 32,114
  • Police Master Sergeant: PHP 33,411
  • Police Senior Master Sergeant: PHP 34,079
  • Police Chief Master Sergeant: PHP 34,761
  • Police Executive Master Sergeant: PHP 38,366
  • Police Lieutenant: PHP 49,528
  • Police Captain: PHP 56,582
  • Police Major: PHP 62,555
  • Police Lieutenant Colonel: PHP 71,313
  • Police Colonel: PHP 80,583
  • Police Brigadier General: PHP 91,058
  • Police Major General: PHP 102,896
  • Police Lieutenant General: PHP 125,574
  • Police General: PHP 149,785

Commissioned vs Non-commissioned Officers in the PNP

The new police ranks are divided into two types: commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. Non-commissioned officers start from the rank of Patrolman/Patrolwoman up to the rank of Police Executive Master Sergeant. Commissioned officers start at the rank of Police Captain.


PNP Other Benefits and Allowances:

Aside from the monthly base pay, our men and women in blue are also entitled to cash benefits and allowances. Here are a few of the basic allowances for the average uniformed PNP personnel:

  • Regular Subsistence Allowance: Php150 per day
  • Clothing Allowance: Php 200 per month
  • Hazard Pay: Php 540 per month
  • Personnel Economic Relief Allowance: Php 2,000 per month
  • Laundry Allowance: Php 60 per month for Officers

  • Longevity Pay

The longevity pay rewards PNP uniformed personnel who have given years of their professional life in service to the Filipinos. It accumulates over the years starting with 10% of the PNP personnel’s basic salary in year 5. Another 10% will be added to the PNP personnel’s longevity pay in year 10. This continues every 5 years until the total longevity pay equals 50% of the basic pay.

Here is a table of the longevity pay:

PNP RankFirst 5 yearsMaximum Longevity PayBasic Pay
Patrolman/PatrolwomanPHP 2,967PHP 14,834PHP 29,668
Police CorporalPHP 3,087PHP 15,433PHP 30,867
Police Staff SergeantPHP 3,211PHP 16,057PHP 32,114
Police Master SergeantPHP 3,341PHP 16705PHP 33,411
Police Senior Master Sergeant PHP 3,408PHP 17,039PHP 34,079
Police Chief Master Sergeant:PHP 3,476PHP 17,380PHP 34,761
Police Executive Master SergeantPHP 3,836PHP 19,183PHP 38,366
Police LieutenantPHP 4,952PHP 24,764PHP 49,528
Police CaptainPHP 5,658PHP 28,291PHP 56,582
Police MajorPHP 6,255PHP 31,277PHP 62,555
Police Lieutenant ColonelPHP 7,131PHP 33,096PHP 71,313
Police ColonelPHP 8,058PHP 40,291PHP 80,583
Police Brigadier General:PHP 9,105PHP 45,529PHP 91,058
Police Major General:PHP 10,289PHP 51,448PHP 102,896
Police Lieutenant General:PHP 12,557PHP 62,767PHP 125,574
Police GeneralPHP 14,978PHP 74,892PHP 149,785

How To Start A Career As a Police Officer in the Philippines

1. Check your Eligibility

The PNP is constantly looking for qualified candidates for the Patrolman/Patrolwoman position. These are the general eligibility requirements for new applicants:

Must be a Filipino citizen
Not less than 21 years old but not more than 30 years old
At least 1.57 meters (5.1811 feet) in height for males
At least 1.52 (4.986 feet) meters for female
Bachelor’s Degree Holder

2. Take the NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam

If you fit the eligibility requirements above, you are eligible to take the NAPOLCOM Exam. Click here to learn more about the exam.

If you pass the NAPOLCOM exam, you are eligible to apply for the Patrolman/Patrolwoman position.

3. Apply on the PNP Cores Website
After passing the exam, you are now ready to apply on the PNP recruitment website. Submit the required documents here. If successful, you will receive a QR Code and instructions on the Recruitment Selection Process (RSP).

4. Attend the RSP
In the Recruitment Selection Process or RSP, you will submit your documentary requirements, and undergo the selection tests (medical, dental, and drug tests). If you pass the RSP and you are within the quota of the PNP Regional Office, you may be offered your appointment.

For the full process of applying to become a police officer in the Philippines, click here.

PNP Basic Salary Table by Rank:

PNP RankPNP Basic Salary:
Patrolman/PatrolwomanPHP 29,668
Police CorporalPHP 30,867
Police Staff SergeantPHP 32,114
Police Master SergeantPHP 33,411
Police Senior Master Sergeant PHP 34,079
Police Chief Master Sergeant:PHP 34,761
Police Executive Master SergeantPHP 38,366
Police LieutenantPHP 49,528
Police CaptainPHP 56,582
Police MajorPHP 62,555
Police Lieutenant ColonelPHP 71,313
Police ColonelPHP 80,583
Police Brigadier General:PHP 91,058
Police Major General:PHP 102,896
Police Lieutenant General:PHP 125,574
Police GeneralPHP 149,785