Just like other government employees, a Philippine public school teacher’s salary is based on their salary grade table. Before applying to a teaching position with the Department of Education, you may want to check how much your salary will be. Ideally, you do not want to accept a teaching position that pays lower than your current job. Here are the salary grades and their corresponding salary for DepEd teachers and state university professors and instructors(in PHP):

2021 Public School Job Positions and Salary Grade Table

New graduates usually start in the Teacher 1 position. This position gets a salary grade of 11 throughout the country. As the teacher moves up in rank, their salary grade also goes up. As of the writing of this article, the salary grades of elementary and secondary teachers are the same. Here are the corresponding salary grades of the different public school teacher positions. If you want to check the progression of pay according to the salary grade, please refer to the DepEd Salary Grade Table below. Let’s start with the Teacher 1 salary in 2021:

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Teachers 1-3:

How to Apply in DepED as a Teacher 1

Teacher 1 Job Opening

Special Education Teachers:

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Special Science Teachers:

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Head Teachers:

Master Teachers:

Assistant School Principals:

School Principals:

Other Related Teaching Positions:

Public Schools District Supervisor – Salary Grade 22 – ₱68,415

State Universities and Colleges Positions:

State Colleges and Universities have their own rules when assigning salary grades. For example, an institution may list the Instructor 1 position at a higher or lower salary grade. However, here is the standard salary grade list for most State Educational Institutions as of 2021:


Assistant Professors:

Associate Professors


DepEd Teachers’ and University Professors’ Salary Grade Table 2021

*Note: This table is good for all 2021 newly hired government employees. If you were hired before this period, please refer to your contract. This may be obtained from your local human resources team.

1 ₱12,034
2 ₱12,790
3 ₱13,572
4 ₱14,400
5 ₱15,275
6 ₱16,200
7 ₱17,179
8 ₱18,251
9 ₱19,593
10 ₱21,205
11 ₱23,877
12 ₱26,052
13 ₱28,276
14 ₱30,799
15 ₱33,575
16 ₱36,628
17 ₱39,986
18 ₱43,681
19 ₱48,313
20 ₱54,251
21 ₱60,901
22 ₱68,415
23 ₱76,907
24 ₱86,742
25 ₱98,886
26 ₱111,742
27 ₱126,267
28 ₱142,683
29 ₱161,231
30 ₱182,191