BFP Firefighter Rank and Salary: How Much Do Filipino Firefighter Make?

Philippine firefighters risk their lives every day to ensure that the lives and properties of Filipinos are saved from fires. Through legislation signed by Former President Rodrigo Duterte, the salary grade of firefighters from the Bureau of Fire Protection was increased proportionately to the rank of the Bureau of Fire Protection personnel.

Most personnel of the Bureau of Fire Protection start at the Fire Officer 1 rank. This now has a basic salary of Php 29,668 as of the start of 2019. After completing two years on the job and the Fire Basic Recruit Course (FBRC), they can apply for the rank of Fire Officer 2. This will bump their salary to Php 30,862. A 4% increase from their original post.

While the increase in the basic salary may not be significant, it affects all other percentile-based bonuses such as longevity pay and quarterly bonuses.

With dedication and a knack for going after higher positions, a Bureau of Fire Protection personnel may reach the rank of Fire Director which has a Basic Salary of Php 102,896.

Basic Salary According to Rank in the BFP

BFP RankBFP Basic Pay
Fire Officer 1PHP 29,668
Fire Officer 2PHP 30,867
Fire Officer 3PHP 32,114
Senior Fire Officer 1PHP 33,411
Senior Fire Officer 2PHP 34,079
Senior Fire Officer 3PHP 34,761
Senior Fire Officer 4PHP 38,366
Fire Inspector PHP 49,528
Fire Senior Inspector PHP 56,582
Fire Chief Inspector PHP 62,555
Fire Superintendent PHP 71,313
Fire Senior Superintendent PHP 80,583
Fire Chief Superintendent PHP 91,058
Fire DirectorPHP 102,896

Bureau of Fire Protection Promotion Application Requirements

The promotion system in the Bureau of Fire Protection requires applicants to have a minimum number of years on the job and the appropriate training.

Fire Officer 1 is usually the entry-level position within the Bureau. Here are the requirements to apply for this position:

I. Fire Officer 1 Requirements:

Number of Years of Experience: 0
Training Required: None

Other Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Holders
  • Level 2 Eligibility (Fire Officer Exam, Bar/Board Exam, Professional Civil Service Exam)
  • Pass the Medical Exam