September 2017 Licensure Exam for Teachers – Deadline for Filing Approaching

The date of the next Licensure Exam for Teachers is fast approaching and the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) is still accepting applicants for the September 2017 LET.

September 2017 LET

The next LET exam will be on September 24, 2017 while The deadline for filing for this exam is on July 14, 2017. Interested applicants may start the application process through the online application page of the PRC.

After signing up online, you will need to go to the nearest PRC office in your area to submit the documents required and to pay the examination fee. For this step, you will need to bring the following:

1. Transcript of Records (TOR) – Original and Photocopy
* It should be indicated in the document that the purpose of the transcript of records is for taking the board exam.

2. NSO-Issued Birth Certificate – Original and Photocopy

3. Payment amount for the examination fee: 900 PHP

These are the requirements for first-time test takers. For the documents above, the originals will be returned to you. The PRC employees will only need the originals to compare the photocopies with.

Low National Passing Percentage and Calls for Reform

A total of 53,915 elementary teachers and 72, 582 secondary teachers took the March 2017 LET. Out of these numbers, 10.39% and 25.46% passed respectively. Both passing percentages are lower compared to the results of the September 2016 Licensure Exam for Teachers. The results for the September 2017 LET will be released 40 working days after the exam.

Because of the low passing percentage of the past Licensure examination for teachers, the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) is proposing a national standardized screening test for high schools students who want to take educations subjects. The group sees this measure as an answer for low passing percentage of the past LET.

Are you ready for the next LET exam? Practice taking the test here.

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