Test Question Answers:

1. In order to keep the teacher from talking “too much” without diminishing her role as a guide during the class discussion, which of the following would be appropriate?
a. Assign pupils leaders to take charge of the class.
b. Use some silent signals or non-verbal cues.
c. Ask the students to provide input and ask them to recite.
d. Talk only if the pupils are ready to listen.

2. For advanced pupils, what kind of activity should be given after the lesson is taught?
a. corrective activity
b. interest activity
c. reinforcement activity
d. enrichment activity

3. In leading the students to formulate generalizations, what kind of question should be asked?
a. evaluation question
b. rote-memory question
c. hypothetical question
d. focusing question

4. There is a confusion in the process of issuing diplomas in your school. Which of the following will you suggest immediately?
a. Create a workflow chart
b. Development of an organizational chart
c. Assignment of one teacher as project manager
d. Create an incident report with the principal

5. An experienced teacher in your school is requested to assist and help the inexperienced teachers. This strategy is called __.
a. peer teaching
b. Colleague teaching
c. peer coaching
d. team teaching

6. Both review and practice are necessary to reinforce retention of what has been learned. The latter is most useful in the___?
a. changing of attitudes
b. understanding of vague concepts
c. comparisons of concepts learned
d. mastery skills

7. You will be assigned to another school after the second grading period. You will:
a. Complete all your records before leaving for the new school. Submit them to the principal.
b. Report at once to the principal at the said school. There is no need to coordinate with the principal of your previous school.
c. Ask your co-teacher to complete your records and move on to your designated school
d. Ask the principal to complete all your records.

8. You were required eight hours of work. You finished your tasks in only six hours.
a. Leave the school when the principal is not watching.
b. Work on your lesson plan for the following week.
c. Gossip with your close friends.
d. Find something to do within the school building to look busy.

9. What is the reason why learning activities should be carefully planned?
a. The accomplishment of the objectives depends on the planned learning activities
b. They create order in the development of skills, attitudes and knowledge
c. Plans are centered in the children’s energy and attention span
d. The teacher’s ability to plan is tested

10. Which of the following is manifested if there are available textbooks and materials for every learner?
a. improvement of the quality of education
b. development of study skills
c. encouragement of the student to study
d. improvement of school and community relation