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Campus Journalism – LET English Major Free Practice Test

Below is a 10-item practice test on the Campus Journalism notes. Please take the time to share this resource with to your friends.

Campus Journalism - English Major LET Review

Which of the following headlines is the best for a newspaper story?
Which of the following articles is an example of a listicle?
This form of journalism requires unique tactics in collecting information that is otherwise difficult to obtain.
This part of the article shows the title in bold and large letters.
What part of the news article indicates the city where the journalist reported the news?
What part of the newspaper contains all the opinion contents?
What do you call the primary image below the primary headline?
Jason, a freshman, likes to write about his favorite basketball teams. What type of journalist would you recommend he become?
Sarah has excellent research and networking skills. She is also passionate about making sure that corporations follow the laws that protect the environment. What genre of journalism will you introduce to her to encourage her to become keep the rich and powerful accountable?
What is the short introduction in the news article that contains the basic information about the news story?

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