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Become a Free Member for LETPasser Beta

Welcome to the LET Online Review Course by LETPasser.com. We are currently on the Beta Stage and are offering free membership to the first 100 applicants.

We are in the process of building an online knowledgebase for LET takers and Professional Teachers. And, we invite you to take part by creating a FREE LETPasser account.

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Taking part in the LET is a mentally taxing challenge, especially if you do not have enough review materials to study with.

We can help:

Free Account Features

1. An Ever-expanding Source of Information

In the new LETPasser courses feature, you will be able to access online notes, informational videos, practice exams and many other sources of review information. You never have to worry about not finding your notes again.

2. New Practice LET Questions Everyday

In addition, we also have unique questions sent to your email and posted in our blog every day.

3. Review with a Community

Bored with your review session? Keep yourself motivated with the LETPasser.com community. You may also interact with other fellow reviewers through our members-only forum.

4. Review Anywhere

Review anytime and anywhere you have internet connection. As long as you have access to the internet, you can log in and learn. Review while in school, at home or while commuting.

5. Have Fun while Reviewing

Take part in monthly online contests and win prizes or giveaways. 

All these benefits with a Free Account. This offer will last until the last day of 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity and create an account now.

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