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When Can New Examinees Register for the LET?

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Can You Apply for the 2022 LET Exam?

The LET is one of the biggest exams in the Philippines. Before the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people take the exam every year. Because of this, the PRC usually holds two exams every year to accommodate the number of would-be teachers. This was the practice before the Covid pandemic.

The lockdowns and national and local mandates against public gatherings prevented the PRC from holding teacher licensure exams. The sheer number of examinees made this exam a logistical nightmare for the Commission. Because of the backlog, registration for new examinees is still on hold.

What Happened During the Pandemic?

The first exam for 2020 was scheduled for the end of March. However, when the lockdowns started earlier in the month, the PRC decided to postpone the exams.

At first, an exam was scheduled for September 2020 but the rising number of Covid cases made the PRC postpone it further. The situation remained the same in March 2021.

As a result, the examinees who were scheduled to take the exam for March 2020 have been waiting for a year and a half to take the exam. This also meant that the PRC is pausing all LET exam registrations as long as the exams cannot continue.

Vaccination Numbers and Lower Covid Cases

The National Government’s efforts to increase the vaccination rate in the country are starting to bear fruits. In June 2021, the PRC released a plan to start letting examinees take the exam due to the lower number of cases.

They decided to divide the number of registered test-takers into four batches. Each batch will take the exam on a specified date between September 2021 and June 2022.

See the 2022 schedule of the 4 batches for the LET here.

The first exam was successfully administered in September 2021, and the results are now out.

When Can You Register for the LET?

The PRC first needs to deal with the backlog of March 2020 test-takers before allowing new examinees to register. With this in mind, they may continue to hold off registration for the LET until June 2022.

The PRC has now officially announced that the registration for the next batch of test takers will start on July 5 2022. LERIS will be allowed to accept new teacher applicants starting April 25, 2022. This is for the exam scheduled on September 2022. 

If you are planning to register for the LET, make sure that you have all your registration documents ready. You can check the registration process here.

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