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March 2018 LET Filing Period Ends Today

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The Philippine Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ends the filing and application process for the March 2018 Licensure Exam for Teachers today. January 19 will be the last day of filing for the March 25 exam.

All of those who hope to pass the exam this March should complete their application before the work day ends. For most PRC offices, the application process will continue even after office hours as long as the applicant has claimed a slot online and paid the examination fee in the various payment options.

For more information on the filing process, click here

If you have already completed the application for the examination, it’s time to prepare for the LET. You can start your preparations here in by taking some of our mock exams.

In the most recent LET, only 26% of elementary teachers and 46% of the secondary education teachers passed the exam.

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